Heat Wave Conspiracy Theories

masks080910.jpgThe insufferably high temperatures affecting Moscow over the past number of weeks seem to defy explanation.  According to reports, the Russian capital has now gone through at least 26 days in a row of temperatures exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit, when the average daily high is only 68 in August, while those unable to exit the city are buying up breathing masks by the dozens.  President Dmitry Medvedev has even had an Al Gore moment, declaring:  “Unfortunately, what is happening now in our central regions is evidence of this global climate change, because we have never in our history faced such weather conditions in the past. This means that we need to change the way we work, change the methods that we used in the past.

Other Russian newspapers have taken their theories to the next level of plausibility – including this gem published in the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda (submitted to us by reader I.M.) which blames the sustained high temperatures on a secret American “climate weapon” which the evil empire is allegedly using against Russia.  Our English translation of the KP article follows.

Heatwave in Russia – the result of climate weapon testing in the USA?

The merciless inferno has become a true ordeal not only for people, but also for polar bears. Certain specialists suspect that the current temperature records are not the fault of global warming, but of the application by the Americans of military elaborations

Svetlana KUZINA — 29.07.2010

Either flood or drought

An Egyptian inferno in the center of Russia – an improbable occurrence! Researchers are searching for the reason for the phenomenon, advancing the most startling theories, including that of climate weapons. The first to fall under suspicion was the not-unknown HAARP station, about which «KP» has written not once. It is situated in Alaska 250 km northwest of Anchorage. To look at it, this is a huge field of 14 hectares, from which 180 antennas and 360 radio transmitters stick out like from a pincushion. All of the “needles and pins” are 22 meters in height.

They remember about this mysterious antenna complex every time somethingbad happens on Earth – either a natural, or a technogenic catastropheof a large scale. Why do many researchers accuse HAARP of changing theclimate?

– The explanation of the Americans that this station is built supposedlyfor the study of northern lights is not very much believed, – repliesresearch fellow of the MGU [Moscow State University] physics facultyGeorgi VASILIEV. – All the more so given that for some reason thestation belongs to the military. Besides that, it has taken nearly 20(!) years and 250 (!) million dollars to equip an installation calledupon to study not exactly the most complex of natural phenomena.Beaming 360 kilowatts (75 times more than a commercial radio station)into the skies, the station has become the most powerful installation inthe world for affecting the ionosphere. Certain military specialistsconsider that this is a weapon – geophysical or ionospheric. All themore so given that all of the substantial cataclysms in Russia and theworld began, strange as it may seem, right after the year 1997, when thestation was started up. The most memorable:

– in the years 1997 – 1998 the hurricane «El Niño» raged over manycities; the overall sum of damage comprised 20 billion dollars;

– in the year 1999 in Turkey a 7.6 point earthquake killed around 20 000persons;

– in the year 2003 the hurricane «Isabel» was called the most powerfuland the most deadly, having carried away several thousand lives;

– in the year 2004 one of the strongest and most destructive earthquakesin contemporary history took place at the eastern shore of theIndonesian island of Sumatra. The tidal wave brought about by thisearthquake with a force of 9 points swept away the lives of around 300thousand persons;

– in the year 2005 in Pakistan an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6became the most powerful in all the time of seismic observations inSouth Asia. More than 100 thousand persons died;

– in the year 2008 the unexpected awakening of the Chaitén volcano inChile, dormant for hundreds (!) of years;

– in April of the year 2010 – the eruption of a volcano in Iceland,which brought about an aviacollapse in Europe.

In May of this year president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez indicated atHAARP as at the possible reason for earthquakes in China and on Haïti.His suspicions were picked up by western newspapers. And they narrated(once again) that the American installation, even not turned on at fullpower, is bringing about sometimes floods, sometimes hurricanes,sometimes droughts. In other words, it is a climatic and tectonicweapon. And, according to “the latest data”, Central Russia today isbeing fried specifically from its use. Is this so?

«Subjugation of weather by the year 2025»

Former military weather forecaster captain second rank (ret.) NikolaiKARAVAYEV has no doubts whatsoever about this.

– HAARP – a powerful advanced weapon, the designation and power of whichare being concealed, but today there are real theoretical elaborationson climate weapons, – he recently declared for the mass informationmedia. – They are based on the achievements of civilian agencies in therealm of artificial influence on climate and the weather. There areideas that go far – for example, the creation of a gigantic zone of highpressure with the help of powerful lasers put into cosmic near-earthspace. Anticyclonal influence (when the atmosphere is cleared ofclouds, while a burst of heated air from contiguous areas is provokedinto the zone of influence) leads to demoralization of the populationand troops and to a loss of the harvest.

To the question of journalists whether there are documentalconfirmations of the presence of a climate weapon, Karavayev repliedthat officially climate weapons are prohibited, but there is noprohibition on civilian elaborations to affect the weather. In hiswords, the military are holding these elaborations under their control.

At the beginning of this year the report «Weather as a multiplier offorce: subjugation of weather by the year 2025» by analysts of themilitary air forces of the USA was published in the world massinformation media. In it are described possibilities for affectingclimate and the weather for combat objectives. Summing up, the authorswrite that it would not be bad for the USA to leave the «Convention onthe prohibition of military influence on the surrounding environment»,and consider that climatological weapons will produce the same kind ofupheaval in the world as the first atomic bombs. And the fact thattoday there are no world regulatory documents on the given themeelevates the risk of the concealed application of such weapons,including by terrorist groupings as well. 

Attack on Moscow?

Karavayev connects the current anomalous heat in Central Russia withclimate weapons, proceeding from facts.

– First, weather reports show: in that time when in Moscow the heat isattaining 35 – 36 degrees, in Berlin – 18, in Warsaw – 25, in Vienna -20, in Paris – 20 degrees above zero. That is the assault isfunctioning locally and targetedly. Second, the reason for themany-week heat wave became a gigantic cyclone, stuck above the Europeanpart of Russia and «pumping in» scorching hot air from the Mediterraneanand Central Asia. Such cyclones have never hung here before. Third,in the zone of the anomalous cyclone, as scientists assert, part of theearth’s atmosphere simultaneously contracted by record values in 43years of observations. The cataclysm took place in the thermosphere – ararefied layer, found at a height of 90 – 600 km. It protects theplanet from ultraviolet radiation. There are no natural explanationsfor such a contraction. And the last thing: the new American X-37Bunmanned space ship, capable of carrying a powerful laser weapon, wasput into cosmic space on the eve of the current weather cataclysm.

Themissionof the X-37B is considered strictly classified, the duration of theflight is also not being reported. According to some data, theautomatic ship will spend no less than 270 days in space, after which itwill independently land on one of the bases of the USAF. Juxtapositionof these facts leads to a thought about the possibility of the testingof a new climate weapon over Russia. And inasmuch as this business isuntested, then other regions are “getting it” at the same time.


Director of the Rosgidromet Institute of applied geophysics, professorVladimir LAPSHIN:-

Hogwash! They were spreading these rumors last year and the yearbefore that. But they contradict logic. There was heat of 50 degreesstanding in the USA then. Today if one takes a look at a map ofanomalies of the air temperature in the world for June of the year 2010(the results for July are not in yet), drawn up by the National ClimaticData Center (USA), then on it is clearly seen: temperature higher thanthe norm is holding in America itself. So what, the Americans aretesting weapons against their own? First they decided to destroythemselves, and then us? It simply has turned out today that a hugecyclone is standing above the European part of Russia and is not moving.Before there had been a mixing of the air masses, therefore thetemperature held in the summer at around 25 degrees. But today the airis standing still and is getting heated up. Now in August, perhaps, itwill start to move off – then everybody will instantly forget aboutclimate weapons.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk