I’m too sexy for this Kremlin

Who says the Associated Press doesn’t produce hard hitting reports from Russia anymore? Wow, Putin is having a rough couple of months here…

In its September “Sexy Rating” list, the glamor magazine ranks who it considers the 20 sexiest Russian politicians. At the top is Boris Nemtsov, a former leader of opposition party Union of the Right Forces now viewed by many as a spent force. It is rare that Putin loses out at home. A winner abroad — selected as Time’s person of the year in 2007, and Vanity Fair’s most powerful and influential figure of the year this month — Putin courts widespread popularity at home, having restored a sense of national pride and stability after the difficult post-Soviet years of Boris Yeltsin’s rule. “This is good news … but I don’t take it too seriously,” said Nemtsov, who is pictured sitting on a bed, barefoot and dressed in a grey silk shirt and chinos. Although greying at the temples, that doesn’t seem to put the voters off.