Iskander Missile Tourism

iskander112708.jpgIn case you ever wondered what there was to see in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad:

This is what passes for humor in Kaliningrad these days: Iskander missile tourism. Dipping deep into his reservoir of black humor, Vladimir Abramov tries out this sales pitch for his region, a Cold War garrison turned European trade hub that may, once again, become a staging ground for missiles pointed west.

“Attracting tourists to see an Iskander is a creative idea,” said Abramov, a political scientist. “Especially for the Poles. When it is flying toward them, they may not be able to see it. Come to Kaliningrad! Pose next to the missile which is going to kill you.”

Naturally the Poles aren’t lacking in black humor either.  Their defense minister recently quipped that he’s become tired of the Russians threatening nuclear annihilation of his country about “once a month.”