Just a Little Bit of Sanctions

Russia’s tightrope walk over the widening chasm between Iran and the Western world is getting confusing. A quick recap: Last month Russia supported UN sanctions imposed on Iran, then promptly promised Iran cooperation in the oil and gas industries, a move many said would undermine the sanctions. Earlier this week Russia called Iran’s criticism of its support of the sanctions “irresponsible”. Now Russia is opposing additional sanctions that the EU decided to implement, saying the move would hinder efforts to resolve concerns over Iran’s nuclear program diplomatically. From a Deutsche Welle report:

Using sanctions outside the UN Securtiy Council framework was “unacceptable,” a Foreign Ministry statement released in Moscow said.

“This not only undermines our joint efforts to seek a political and diplomatic settlement around Iran’s nuclear program, but also shows disdain for the carefully calibrated and coordinated provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions,” the statement continued.

…”We regret to say that all the recent steps by the European Union and the United States to build pressure on Iran display their disdain for the principles of collaboration,” the Russian statement said.