Karelia Coincidence & Conspiracy

Here’s an odd fact.  Five of the passengers killed in the Karelia plane crash on June 20 were nuclear specialists at power plant construction company Gidropress, all of whom had worked on Iran’s Bushehr power plant.
A source at Russia’s atomic agency Rosatom, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Moscow’s Interfax news agency that virtually the entire top management of Gidropress, which is part of Rosatom, died in the crash.
It seems pretty farfetched, but clearly such a coincidence makes certain wild conspiracy theories too goo to resist.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper speculated that the Israeli intelligence services might have been involved in the crash, given Mossad’s targeting of Muslim nuclear facilities in the past. According to Rodger W. Claire, in his 2004 book, Raid on the Sun: inside Israel’s Secret Campaign that Denied Saddam the Bomb, Mossad initially attempted to sabotage  Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility prior to Israel’s June 1981 airstrike, which destroyed the site. 
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