Kasparov: Russia Takes Small Steps, the West Stays Quiet

Garry Kasparov is visiting my hometown of Toronto this week, and has given a speech at the Empire Club arguing Kurt Goedel‘s “incompleteness theorem” for Russia – arguing that Russia cannot solve some of its problems internally without outside help. I believe it is safe to say that both Garry and I share a certain level of disappointment with Western governments and businesses for their lacking will to confront Russia.


Garry Kasparov in Toronto, Canada (AP)

Other quotes:

“Things are getting worse now … (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has learned that if he does things in small steps, the West will say little and do nothing,” Kasparov said. “We ask that the leaders of the free world stop providing Putin with democratic legitimacy.”

Toronto Star:

And, he insists with the unshakable confidence for which he’s famous, “two weeks of unrestricted television and this regime will go bust. It can only continue with suppression of the media. But things are changing, and when people understand what is going on, by the end of the year we will be living in a different reality.”


Kasparov expressed dismay that Western leaders have not taken Putin to task for the worsening situation in Russia. “Canada, the U.S. and Europe are doing a lot of business with China, but nobody is rushing to call Chinese leaders democrats,” he said.

Canadian Press/CBC:

“I do not know the name of the exact person who murdered Anna Politkovskaya but I know their address.”