Kasparov: Sarkozy Jealous of Putin?

In what looks like one of his most harsh and strident opinion pieces to date, Garry Kasparov launches a scathing indictment against French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his conduct vis-à-vis Russia during the elections period in tomorrow’s edition of Le Monde. The original French version can be read here, and we have some colleagues doing a full translation for us to post very soon. As a preview, the article is titled “Sarkozy, Jealous of Putin?” and focuses on several areas of criticism, both personal and political. Kasparov writes that Sarkozy has joined the ranks of other disgraced European leaders such as Chirac and Schröder, and has sold out ethics and human rights in exchange for business deals with a thoroughly corrupt and repressive Kremlin. He also argues that Sarkozy is wrong to assume that Russia can assist on international issues like Darfur, and is wrong to always assume he is so popular. Kasparov’s conclusion is the most provocative part, suggesting that Sarkozy is ashamed and would rather fill the media with news of his private life, or that he is actually jealous of Putin and wishes he could install a more convenient Russian-style sovereign democracy in France. Stay tuned to this blog for the full translation.