Kissinger: Russia’s Missile Shield Proposal Should Be Considered

A rather important op/ed from Henry Kissinger in the IHT today. I had always suspected that Bush’s exceedingly friendly reception for Putin at Kennebunkport was aimed at increasing cooperation on the Iran issue (which I believe is starting to happen), and now we are probably seeing the results of Kissinger’s very quiet visit to Moscow. Henry Kissinger:

Beyond this vestige of traditional arms control looms the prospect of a new approach to international order. Putin’s initiative to link NATO and Russian warning systems could be – or could be made – an historic initiative in dealing jointly with issues that threaten all countries simultaneously. It is one of those schemes easy to disparage on technical grounds but, perhaps like Reagan’s Star Wars vision, is a harbinger of a future posing entirely new creative opportunities. It permits one to imagine a genuinely global approach to the specter of nuclear proliferation, which has heretofore been treated largely through national policies. And such an approach could become a forerunner for other issues of comparable dimension.

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