Kremlin Flip Flopping on Svetlana Bakhmina

La Russophobe posts a translation of another Yulia Latynina column from Yezhedevny Zhurnal about the Svetlana Bakhmina case: svetlanabakhmina110408.jpg

The Kremlin’s reaction to Bakhmina’s parole request shows that the Kremlin has nothing to say. If one stops to think about it, what can young, successful, flourishing young president Medvedev say? That yes, it is in his power to pardon a pregnant woman? Just think of the consequences if he should do so! People will start saying that he’s capable of making decisions. What a nasty trap those dreadful liberals have set for their president! If he pardons her, the word may may get about that he actually is the president. Next to pop up, I imagine, will be some swine – a high-sounding one – who, all duty and honour, à la sub-Dostoyevsky, will inform us that Bakhmina with malice aforethought aided enemies of the people who wanted to organise a putsch. And that enemies of the people, and family members of enemies of the people, and especially enemies of Gunvor, which inherited the oil of enemy of the people Khodorkovsky – that all these enemies should be made to pay for their actions. Some moralistic douchebag will be sure to pop up with the sentiment that if you once worked for an enemy of the people, then you must be seen to actively side with the powers that be. And if you don’t do that, then forget about anything. Because that makes you an accomplice of those people who wanted a putsch. You’re a traitor to the motherland.