Letter to President of Cameroon Paul Biya on Mass Arrests of Protesters and Violations of Human Rights

Robert Amsterdam has published the following open letter to the President of Cameroon Paul Biya following the documented arbitrary arrests of 593 people. In an attempt to suppress the political activism of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, the regime has also moved against two associates of Professor Kamto who were not even actively participating in the protests. Professor Alain Fogue, the CRM’s treasurer, and Olivier Bibou Nissack, Professor Kamto’s spokesperson, have both been arbitrarily arrested and detained.

Amsterdam writes, “In response to the developments described above, it is my intention, along with co-counsel, to bring legal claims before appropriate national, regional, and international courts. In addition, we are prepared to advocate for the imposition of economic and other sanctions against government officials who have violated the basic human rights of Professor Kamto, his associates and the peaceful protesters.”

Read the letter in English here.

Lire la lettre ouverte en français.

Lettre Ouverte – Président… by Robert Amsterdam

President of Cameroon Paul … by Robert Amsterdam