LilliPutin: The Illegitimate Son?

kabaeva121609.jpgThe New York Post is running a sensationalist piece today about the gymnast Alina Kabaeva giving birth to a son, which may or may not have something to do with the unconfirmed speculation of involvement with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

We’ve hit up the story here and there in passing on the blog, but RUSSIA! magazine served up the most information.  I don’t know why, but I am rather disinclined to believe the story – it just doesn’t fit Putin’s M.O.  I also think Alexander Lebedev would’ve been forced to shut down the newspaper which broke the story regardless of whether or not it was true or false, which is a needless reminder of the status of freedom of press in Russia today. 

Worst of all, I’m also afraid of what would happen if it were true … which could of course reverse, not exacerbate, the Prime Minister’s recently slumping popularity.

All I know is that I could have done a better job of the tabloid headline.  (Chip Off the Ol’ Bloc? Anyone?).