Medvedev Meets with Bono

bonomedvedev082410.jpgAhead of U2’s first-ever concert in Russia, Medvedev, who claims to be a rock fan with a penchant for Deep Purple, met with Bono at his summer villa. Bono asked Russia to contribute to the fight against AIDS. Reuters reports:

Bono, sporting his trademark sunglasses and single earring, asked Medvedev to find a Russian firm to team up for his “Red” campaign, which raises money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Brands Nike, Microsoft, Apple and Starbucks have sold red products and donated part of the proceeds to the charity.

“Maybe you can find a Russian company, a Red Russian company, it’s your color,” Bono told Medvedev, an apparent reference to the red flags and stars used by the Soviet Union.

Medvedev said he would think how Russia, which experts say has at least one million people infected with HIV, could contribute to the Red brand.

Photo:Mikhail Klimentyev/AFP