Medvedev Reacts to Criticism of Slow Reforms

medved031510.jpgThis news pretty much speaks for itself.  The clock is now ticking on how long the president can blame others for the lack of fulfillment of his statements on reform.  From the Financial Times:

On Tuesday he told a video conference with regional governors and senior bureaucrats that he was fed up with officials ignoring his orders. “Very often these are just excuses . . . and when you get down to the crux of the matter it transpires that, in fact, nothing has been done,” Mr Medvedev said.

“Those who do not fulfil [orders] must be removed from their jobs and thrown out on to the street.” (…)

He ran the meeting with a breezy and confident manner. “I’m just trying to understand, what is taking so long? I made the order on November 19,” he told a minister at one point, asking about legislation on transparency for state corporations. “The legislation should have already gone to the government. It hasn’t, and so my order has gone unfulfilled.” The minister stammered excuses.