Moscow 2.0

Moscow has doubled its territory overnight.  It was announced yesterday that its borders have been officially extended to cover another 150,000 hectares of land, extending to the southeastwards along the Kaluzhskoye Highway, incorporating the two cities of Shcherbinka and Troitsk and a number of residential areas.  Residents are wondering what will happen to real estate in these newly prime areas.  Presumably, prices will go up in the long term, but there have already been reports of residents along the outer edges of Moscow having trouble selling their homes, amid concerns that a new push for development in the new territory will lead to ‘houses […] be[ing] demolished to make way to new roads or government offices‘, whilst local real estate managers are attributing any current demand on the market to ‘“brave people” who urgently need housing‘.  Yipes!  Presumably those newly finding themselves Muscovites will be obliged to pay the hefty new parking fines as well?