I found this article about Canadian police psychologist Mike Webster, who has compared the RCMP (the Mounties) to Putin’s Russia, very interesting. Although having been arrested by the political police in Moscow at one point, I would say that at least the Canadians usually wear their uniforms… These kind of broad swipe comparisons of “Putin’s Russia” shouldn’t be dispensed so liberally.

“As a psychologist, I know it’s not healthy for people to live in such an oppressive climate,” Mr. Webster said. “Being a member of the RCMP today is like being part of Putin’s Russia; they don’t tolerate any opinion that doesn’t reflect the party line.” A devastating charge. Mr. Webster currently has a one-year contract with the Mounties. After it expires next April, he has no idea if more work will be offered to him. “I find it offensive that I’m expected to park my morals at the door if I’m going to be part of the organization,” Mr. Webster said. “If that’s what it means, I won’t do it. I just won’t.”