Moscow Mayor is the Richest Russian Politician

Bloomberg brings a report about Russia’s richest politicians, originally published in the Russian edition of Forbes. Apparently, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has the highest household income. Here’s a short excerpt:

Luzhkov, 73, earned 8 million rubles in 2009, while his wife, Yelena Baturina, owner of the ZAO Inteko holding company, brought home the rest, according to the first annual rating of politicians and officials published on Forbes’ website.

Luzhkov and Baturina, 47, the only woman on the Russian billionaire lists compiled by the Forbes and Finans magazines, own property including a 2,531-square-meter house in Russia and a 1,203-square-meter home in Britain, according to Forbes…

…Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reported 3.9 million rubles last year, while his wife Lyudmila made 582 rubles and had no assets, according to a government statement published in April. President Dmitry Medvedev declared 3.3 million rubles; his wife Svetlana had no income.