Nina Khrushcheva Visits Canada

And here is what the National Post wrote about it: “Remarkably, that didn’t make much of a difference. When it was all over, Russia ended up with a czar. Vladimir Putin, the 21st-century czar, may be nicer than Stalin or Czar Alexander III (who reigned from 1881 to 1894) and brighter than Nicholas II (1894 to 1917). But he’s still a czar, with a czar’s sense of infinite entitlement. Putin believes he deserves to rule Russia, and it appears that most Russians see things his way. Freedom of speech, for instance, is no more important to Putin than to Alexander III or Stalin — and only a small minority of Russians appear to care.” Robert Fulton also gets down to discussing Russian identity and Vladimir Nabokov – an author who has certainly been in the press lately.