O Brother [of Russia], Where Art Thou?


We haven’t heard much lately from our occasional Russian political analyst, the Polittechnologist – apparently he’s been spending much of his time in various third-world countries south of the equator. On a recent trip closer to home, however, he ran across an intriguing advertisement in the Kiev metro, which he’s kindly brought to our attention.

The Russian and Ukrainian people have had a rather stormy relationship over the centuries, as we all know, and it has only become more acute because of the so-called “gas wars” of the past few winters. So it certainly raised more than a few eyebrows here at our editorial office when we learned about a book that’s just come out in Ukraine with the politically provocative title “BROTHER” and featuring a photo of the Russian national leader decked out in his Vlad-the-Submariner costume on the cover. Here we offer our exclusive translation of the advertising blurb on the book’s website.

Needless to say, the below does not constitute an endorsement of the book or of the positions of its authors by the editors of this blog. We haven’t even read the book, nor has the Polittechnologist – he just can’t bring himself to put up the 30 hrivnas to buy it.

The world is entering into an epoch of total economic crisis and global wars.

The authors of the book “BROTHER” – intelligence operative,specialist on the struggle with terrorism in the financial sector ofthe economy Igor Berkut and head of the Fund for social-politicalinitiatives Roman Vasilishin – examine the likelihood of therealization of the sucking of Ukraine into armed conflicts within theframework of the fierce Russia-NATO standoff.

The genre of artistic political analytics allowed the authorsto imagine Ukraine through the prism of the Russian factor, andspecifically the factor of Vladimir Putin, one of the most brightlyshining leaders of modernity.

For the first time to the court of the broad reading audienceis presented a deep geopolitical analysis and the closed information ofthe special services in the form of an entertaining political whodunit.

In the book are used unique photo materials, many of which are being published for the first time.


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