Oborona Leader Hospitalized

Если Вы хотите прочитать оригинал данной статьи на русском языке, нажмите сюда. The following is an exclusive translation from Kasparov.ru: olegkozlovsky0724.jpgLeader of the movement «Oborona» Oleg Kozlovsky hospitalized in intensive care Leader of the youth opposition movement «Oborona» Oleg Kozlovsky on 21 May was placed in intensive care at Moscow hospital No. 23, reported to «Oborona» activist Eduard Glezin to Sobkor®ru. The condition of the activist has gotten worse. Kozlovsky has been prescribed a course of intensive therapy, necessary for an organism that has been emaciated by a hunger strike, which the oppositioneer conducted during the time of his 13-day administrative arrest.

Oleg Kozlovsky came out to freedom on 19 May. He and yet another «Oborona» activist, Ivan Aflinin, had been detained on Chistoprudny boulevard in Moscow, when they were heading to an unsanctioned “Dissenters’ March”. The court sentenced Afonin to six days of administrative arrest.The court session was rife with a great many violations. According to the court documents, Kozlovsky was detained at one and the same time in different places by two different employees of the police. However the judge said that this fact “does not have anything whatsoever to do with the case under consideration”. In so doing, defense witnesses were removed from the courtroom.Around 60 supporters of the opposition had been detained on 6 May, something on the order of 20 of whom were released on that same day, while the remainder were sentenced to various terms of administrative arrest and fines.Being found in confinement, Kozlovsky and Afonin announced a hunger strike as a sign of protest against their detention, having called it unlawful. On the eve, Kozlovsky started to experience health problems, however he refused hospitalization.Starting with 13 May, activists of the United Civic Front and «Oborona» conducted solitary pickets in support of Kozlovsky at the building of the Moscow GUVD.Dmitry UrsulovSource: Kasparov.ru, 21 May 2008