Open Letter to the Tanzania Police Force Regarding Attacks against Tundu Lissu

Today Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP has published an open letter addressed to the Tanzanian Police Force regarding the situation of his client, the opposition presidential candidate Tundu Lissu.

In the letter, Amsterdam writes: “we strongly demand that as a presidential candidate, Mr. Lissu is afforded the same security and protective measures ensured by precedent set in former elections, as well as the legal provisions provided to him. Under Section 3 of the Tanzania Police Force and Auxiliary Services Act (Cap. 322 R.E. 2002), the police are vested with the power to protect the rights, duties and interests of any individual referred to in Article 13(3) of the Constitution.

Read the full letter below or download a copy here.

Open Letter to the Tanzanian Police Force Regarding Tundu Lissu by Robert Amsterdam on Scribd