Our New Look

Welcome to RA 2.0 – the new three-column redesign of the blog. Hopefully this new design will make the blog easier to navigate, and help you find what you’re looking for. Please take note of the following new features: 1.) A new Google-powered search function in the upper left – this is much faster and more accurate than our previous search tool, and can help you dig up specific information for research purposes. 2.) The new “Key Articles” sidebar in the upper left. Here we plan on listing direct links to our high value original articles from Robert Amsterdam, Grigory Pasko, Derek Brower, Tom Nicholls, Dee Prince, and other special guests and features (such as these two great translations). Often times some of our best material gets lost in the shuffle of short news clips and comments, and we hope to make this more visible. 3.) We are starting to use extended posts (where the majority of the article is found under the “Read More” link), which hopefully makes the page much easier to scroll. We’re happy to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and criticism of these changes! As always, thanks for reading RA, and be sure to drop us a quick vote for the 2007 Weblog Awards! Thanks, James Editor