Pattern of Deception in Gülen-Linked Charter Schools in Texas

A must-read column from Sharon Higgins in the Huffington Post raises urgent questions about the pattern of alleged fraud and deception taking place among the Texas charter schools known to be linked to Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen. At what point will the authorities turn down all the political donations from the Gülenists and take action to protect students and taxpayers?


At this point in 2016, avoidance and denials of the Harmony/Gulen relationship are a tired and laughable response. Either TCSA has its head buried in the sand or perhaps it’s pursuing a peculiar strategy of damage control in an attempt to save its own reputation. Or maybe its defensive response on Harmony’s behalf is simply a PR benefit of TCSA membership (Harmony’s annual dues are likely to be considerable).

Anyone who’s studied the Gulen Movement and its presence in the US understands that Harmony’s connection to the Gulen Movement is no longer in question. Even friends of the Gulen Movement sometimes ‘spill the beans,’ as did noted Austinite James C. Harrington while being interviewed about Fethullah Gulen and the Movement at a Gulen-linked TV station in 2012: “We have a system in Texas called Harmony and there’s a system in the Midwest and all that…” (note in this video at 4:22 min.)

Undoubtedly, the Midwest “system” Harrington referred to is Concept Schools, an Illinois-based charter school management organization currently under FBI investigation.

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