Police Announce Arrest of Kozlovsky Supporters

Если Вы хотите прочитать оригинал данной статьи на русском языке, нажмите сюда. Another exclusive translation from Grani.ru: Police: We will detain all picketers in support of Kozlovsky The police are promising to detain all participants in solitary pickets in support of the activist of the «Oborona» movement, Oleg Kozlovsky. As «Echo Moskvy» is broadcasting, about this recounted UCF activist Suren Yedigarov. In the words of Yedigarov, in a personal talk the chief of the «Tverskoye» OVD said that “all who come out with a solitary picket will immediately be detained”. Yedigarov was detained on Tuesday morning [last week] during the conducting of a solitary picket on Petrovka, 38, where, as was being assumed, Kozlovsky is being held. As Yedigarov recounted, he was “delivered to the «Tverskoye» OVD with the application of brute physical force, after which he was sent to court, but they postponed the session to 21 May. Yedigarov added that despite today’s detaining, the action in the form of solitary picketing tomorrow will be continued by the group of activists. Oleg Kozlovsky was detained on 6 May on Chistoprudny boulevard in Moscow, when he was heading to a “Dissenters’ March”. The Basmanny Court sentenced him to 13 days of arrest. As a sign of protest against this decision Kozlovsky announced a hunger strike. […] Source: Grani.ru, 20 May 2008