Politkovskaya Day: Reactions and Reflections

Here are some links to what people are saying about Anna Politkovskaya today. Novaya Gazeta: Anya’s phone number (495) 798-10-34 Reuters: Supporters demand justice for slain Kremlin critic Guardian: “Keeping hope alive” by Robert Ménard Deutsche Welle: An Attack on Basic Democratic Rights in Russia Times: A day to remember Anna Politkovskaya New York Times: Russian Paper Publishing New Details of Journalist’s Killing Index on Censorship: Anna Politkovskaya : 1958-2006 And an impressive collection of links over at La Russophobe, Sean Guillory feels a bit hollow from the celebrity cause, David McDuff links to a calendar of global events honoring Anna, and Mark Mackinnon weighs in from the perspective of a journalist. I’m sure I have missed some other great stuff from the rest of the blogosphere – please let me know and I’ll update this post.