Propping Up Lukashenko

No big surprise here, but Putin is pouncing on the opportunity of Western isolation of Belarus following Alexander Lukashenko’s stolen election.  The only thing missing from this picture would be a massive new investment in Belarus by BP.  From AFP:

Russia on Thursday pledged unequivocal support to Belarus, offering it several billion dollars worth of oil subsidies and loans as the West moves to isolate Minsk after a controversial election.

After several hours of talks with visiting Belarussian premier, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia was ready to help its neighbour build a $6 billion nuclear plant and would continue to supply Minsk with subsidised oil.

“We are hoping for constructive dialogue, the deepening of mutually beneficial Russian-Belarussian cooperation,” Putin said alongside Belarussian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich, who chose Moscow for his first foreign trip since being appointed to the post late last year.