Protests Get Creative in Georgia


The AP has an interesting story about all the political theatre happening on the sidelines of the Georgian opposition protests, which seem to be continuing with no end in sight … is it too early for us to call this the Rose Revolution II?  After the jump, learn why they have set up cages, carrots, and neckties in front of the parliament.

Metal cages representing prison cells have been set up at the main protest sites, and another one appeared in front of the grand Rustaveli Theater. From inside the cage, actors proclaimed that “something is rotten in our kingdom” – a nod to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

The cages were inspired by a reality show featuring singer Giorgi Gachechiladze, who “imprisoned” himself in a “cell” at a local television studio.

Gachechiladze, whose brother is an opposition leader, began his protest in late January and said he would not come out until Saakashvili resigned.

Protesters have pelted Saakashvili’s official residence with carrots, released a bunny onto its grounds and performed a circle dance, hopping around and holding up their fingers to represent long bunny ears _ all a way of saying the president acted like a scared rabbit during Georgia’s August war with Russia.

Saakashvili has been mocked for his skittish behavior when visiting the war zone, when his bodyguards threw him to the ground in anticipation of a Russian air attack.

The Georgian army was quickly routed in the war, which resulted in the loss of territory and the stationing of Russian troops even closer to Georgia’s capital. Saakashvili’s handling of the war is a main cause of public discontent.

Footage of him chewing on his tie before a BBC television interview in August has inspired protesters to hang dozens of ties on the fence around his residence.