Public Appeal for Witnesses and Evidence of Human Rights Violations under the Coup Government of Thailand

The following press release from Amsterdam & Partners LLP was distributed to media today.

LONDON, Jan. 9, 2015 – Amsterdam & Partners LLP announces a public appeal in Thailand for witnesses to come forward with evidence of human rights violations taking place under the current military coup government. This appeal for evidence relates to a new expanded international effort led by lawyer Robert Amsterdam to explore prospects for criminal charges and sanctions in several foreign jurisdictions against specific individuals known to be responsible for rights violations in Thailand.

“Given the failure of the domestic legal system in Thailand to deliver justice and accountability to the victims and their families relating to the events of April and May 2010, we are coordinating an international legal team and monitoring exercise to establish a record of the illegal conduct by the current coup government,” Amsterdam said. “Under the principle of universal jurisdiction, it is possible for foreign governments to consider criminal charges or sanctions against individual members of the coup leadership, regardless of where the events took place or the nationality of either the victim or the perpetrator.”

This expanded effort means that those involved in repressions, detentions, torture, and killings of Thai citizens under the coup could one day face the prospective risk of arrest and prosecution if they travel abroad.

“Individual rights violators in both Russia and Venezuela have been subject to sanctions, and it can work the same way for Thailand. Additionally, public prosecutors need to be pushed by the lawyers working on behalf of victims to look at the evidence and consider the possibility of issuing charges,” Amsterdam said. “That’s why we are calling on the support of anyone in Thailand who is holding on to vital evidence, including testimonies provided at inquests.”

Currently the firm is investigating the possibility of using secure, encrypted technology to obtain information from witnesses while protecting identity.

Amsterdam & Partners LLP has advocated for victims’ rights in Thailand since April of 2010. With 34 years of experience in international law, Amsterdam & Partners LLP is an industry leader in its field and winner of The American Lawyer (2013) Global Pro bono Dispute of the year. More information on Robert Amsterdam and his law firm can be found on and