RA Interview in Echo Moskvy


Today Robert Amsterdam gave an interview on Echo Moskvy about the murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov.  Below is a small excerpt adapted from his on-air comments.

Russia’s vertical of power does not bring law and order. Rather, it has brought chaos and nihilism. These murders show that the Power is incapable of defending the people and their constitutional rights. We must ask ourselves whether the authorities, too many of whom are predators against Russia’s citizens and businesses, even truly care. I will not call upon the Russian authorities to investigate these murders because we know they have no true interest in doing so, and will not do so properly. They have lost my trust. We can only mourn and commit even more strongly to defending the principles that Markelov and Baburova died for.

I extend to their families and friends my deepest sympathies and my hopes that they may be among the last heroes of Russia to die in such circumstances.