Remembering Politkovskaya + Twitter Campaign

Anna_Politkovskaya101508.jpgMemorial, fresh on the heels of an insulting lawsuit from Chechen leader Ramzan Kadryrov, holds a rally to commemorate slain journalist Anna Politkovskaya today:

Hundreds of people are rallying in Moscow on the third anniversary of the killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

They are calling for authorities to find and punish the killers of journalists and human rights activists in Russia.

Politkovskaya was a harsh critic of the Kremlin and exposed widespread human-rights abuses and corruption in Chechnya. The person who ordered her contract-style killing has not been found.

Her editor Dmitry Muratov told the crowd that “there is a political will in not solving the murders” of Politkovskaya and others.

UPDATE:  If you Twitter, you may want to consider putting up an RT of the following as part of an Amnesty International campaign:  “3 years after murder: where is justice for anna politkovskaya in #russia? Take action and RT.”  Also we are encouraged to copy and RT anything about Anna coming from