Reset Rethink

This one is a couple days old, but worth checking out.  From David J. Kramer blogging at Shadow Government (FP):

There is no denying the vastly improved tone and rapport between the American and Russian presidents compared to the end of the Bush-Putin days. But before people get too carried away, let’s focus on two recent developments that remind us of the challenges we face in dealing with Russia.  (…)  [human rights and Iran – ed.]

Such language and action from Putin  — along with votes against the resolution in New York from Brazil and Turkey — undermine the united international position the Obama administration hoped to present Iran. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will be in Washington in two weeks to meet with President Obama.  Growing concerns about these two issues — the deteriorating human rights situation inside Russia and Russia’s relationship with Iran — to say nothing of Russian arms sales to countries like Syria and Venezuela, should temper any celebratory mood during Medvedev’s visit.