Robert Amsterdam Launches Independent Campaign to Hold Thailand’s Coup Leaders Accountable

The following press release was circulated to media on January 2, 2015.

LONDON – Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP has announced the formation of a new independent campaign to hold Thai officials accountable in foreign jurisdictions.

Among the objectives of the new movement are to bring criminal charges against the coup leadership and those responsible for the 2010 Bangkok massacre, as well as pursue targeted sanctions to deliver accountability and justice for the victims. The campaign will be conducted on a pro bono basis, completely independently from any active political figure or party in Thailand.

“In the face of horrific repression under the current coup government, we must not abandon the effort to apply consequences to those who violate human rights and those who have torn apart Thailand’s fragile democracy,” Amsterdam said. “We view this as a matter of historical importance – only when we see these elites charged and sanctioned for their crimes can there be any hope of restoring rule of law and representative government in Thailand.”

Amsterdam & Partners LLP was first retained in April of 2010 by the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to defend the rights of the Red Shirt pro-democracy movement, including an application before the International Criminal Court (ICC) following the devastating Bangkok massacres which resulted in the killing of more than 90 unarmed citizens by the Thai military.

However following a military coup last May which toppled the elected government, conditions for human rights have sharply deteriorated, and the engagement between Robert Amsterdam and former Prime Minister Thaksin has concluded.

“We are grateful to Khun Thaksin for the opportunity to become involved in these issues, and wish him the best in his endeavours. Our focus now will be to pursue alliances with civil society, NGOs, and other politically independent groups to continue advocating for the rights of citizens through all available avenues. Our commitment is unwavering,” Amsterdam said.

With 34 years of experience in international law, Amsterdam & Partners LLP is an industry leader in its field and winner of The American Lawyer (2013) Global Pro bono Dispute of the year. More information on Robert Amsterdam and his law firm can be found on and