Rogozin vs. Sikorski

A while back we pointed to the Twitter feed of Russia’s Amb. to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.  Today it looks like he has launched a personal assault on Radoslav Sikorski, the Polish MFA (everybody is just so prickly around this Berlin Wall anniversary).  I put Dima’s tweets in chronological order to better understand his thought process:

@Rogozin  Polish FM Sikorsky gave a very strange interview. Hu suggested demolishing the Stalin-style House of Science and Culture in centre of Warsaw

@Rogozin  He said it’d be “moment of catharsis” for Poland, comparable to demolition of Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church in 1920s

@Rogozin  I wonder, what if NATO summit in Strasb hadn’t elected @AndersFoghR, but garrulous Sikorsky, how would Russia-NATO relations develop then?

…Well, it’s not the first time that Sikorski has pissed somebody off in the Kremlin.