Russia-Georgia War Links

Here are just a few things that are worth reading about the Russian-Georgian war on this Sunday. Some of the arguments are compelling, and others are just simply preposterous. Hopefully you can be the judge of that. Surely I have missed some good links, so just let me know. “Declaration of Universal Mobilization by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili” (Georgia government site) “Beginning of Working Meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin” ( “International Reaction to South Ossetia Conflict” (Reuters) “Nato should press on and give Georgia membership” (Times of London) “Russia must prove its diplomatic maturity” (Guardian) “Georgia calls cease fire” (Financial Times) “U.S. Welcomes Georgia Pullback, Waits for Response From Russia” (Wall Street Journal) “McCain Calls on Russia to Cease Military Action in Georgia” (WashWire) “Is this the First War between Russia and a Former Soviet State?” (Der Spiegel) “The Georgian-Russian Conflict” (New York Times video) “In Georgia Clash, a Lesson on U.S. Need for Russia” (New York Times) “Challenging Situation for Moscow” (BBC) “Concerns for vital Caspian oil pipeline” (The Australian) “A Threat Explodes in Georgia” (Anne Applebaum, Washington Post) “Georgia’s Miscalculation” (Anatol Lieven on PostGlobal) “Huffing and Puffing in Georgia” (Steve LeVine on Oil and Glory)