Russian Crowd Control

To break up a anti-government protest in Murmansk, it appears the authorities have resorted to dumping copious amounts of fecal matter in public areas as a deterrent. It is difficult to think of a more insulting gesture, however I won’t hold my breath (no pun intended).

Stinky fertiliser breaks up anti-Kremlin protest ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) – The stench of dung stopped anti-Kremlin protestors rallying in the Russian city of Murmansk on Tuesday, an opposition activist said. Opponents of President Vladimir Putin had hoped to rally on the porch of the Culture Palace but city authorities closed the building, took away the porch’s steps and spread dung around it, said Yelena Vasilyeva, local leader of the United Civil Front opposition movement. “The stench was so strong you couldn’t breathe, so only the most tenacious stayed,” she said.