Russian Procuracy Named in Berezovsky Libel Ruling

It’s not particularly surprising to me that Boris Berezovsky won his libel lawsuit against RTR for airing a program accusing him of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.  What is more surprising is this brief note in the FT’s coverage that the judge alludes to the conduct of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office in assisting RTR with the libelous attack:

The judge noted in his ruling that Mr Terluk “had been assisted both before and during the trial by a team from the Russian prosecutor’s office”. Mr Berezovsky is currently facing a court case in Russia brought by the Russian government.

No matter what you may think of BB, this kind of conduct is quite unbecoming for even Russian justice … usually we only see the procuracy’s black media campaigns inside Russia.  Worse still, the messenger, Vladimir Terluk, was apparently abandoned at this trial by both RTR and the Russian government to “face the music” on his own.  Not very classy.