Russians Carry Out Putin’s Plan in Their Own Way

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This macabre news, which has come from the birthplace of my grandfather, made me think about the question of just what exactly is “Putin’s Plan”? I never did find an answer. On the official website of United Russia – the party that had first proposed this slogan back in the day – there is no information. On the website of the Government and President of Russia, there are only links to voluminous speeches by Putin that go on and on for many pages, but to understand something real from them is difficult indeed. What we get here is complete absurdity – the slogan exists, but what it signifies – does not.
In its time, there were many such empty slogans in the Soviet Union, for example “The People and the Party are one” or “Breadbasket of the Motherland”, “Komsomol trip voucher” or “Socialist competition”. Simple citizens in the Union knew full well that not a single slogan has anything whatsoever to do with actual reality, in the same way as billions of Zimbabwean dollars have nothing to do with the real economy.

With Putin’s Plan (by the way, I personally didn’t even notice that I’dstarted to write the word “Plan” with a capital letter [contrary to therules of Russian orthography–Trans.]), what happened was a magicaltransformation – some people actually began to believe that it reallyexists. And it turned out the way it had for Lenin – “…the ideas caughthold of the masses and attained material force”.

With theBolsheviks, everything was clear – the idea of collectivization catcheshold of the masses and the Russian peasants are deprived of theirproperty; the idea of industrialization catches hold of the masses andthe citizens of the USSR in mass order are directed to the GULAG tobuild a bright and shining future.

United Russia, headed by Putin, can not have any kind of Putin’s Planin principle. Today’s power in Russia has no ideology, no ideas, noreal plan – it used to have only high prices for oil and gas, and allit has left now is siloviki. The prices have dropped and now there isnothing left any more in the Putinite Breadbaskets of the Motherland.Nobody has yet figured out how to make money for the country withsiloviki. However, many in Russia believe that Putin’s Plan actuallyexists, that it is something REAL.

The blue-collar worker-schizhophrenic in Yaroslavl might not havebecome a murderer, doctors could have determined the illness earlier orlater and have isolated the dangerously sick person from society. ButIvan Vasilievich’s symptoms took a turn for the worse against thebackground of Putin’s Plan. With his sick consciousness, he set aboutmaterializing the idea that had caught hold of him. He had heard aboutPutin’s Plan, the one the Russian mass information media had talkedabout 25 hours a day. He had seen the posters, on which “Putin’s Plan”had been written in huge letters. And he proceeded to carry it out. Theresult is known – two blue-collar workers, blameless of nothing, diedat the hand of a schizoid. I’m afraid that with such a Russian “ideology”, there could be far more victims than this.

Thus my warning to all who are interested in Russian politics. There isno Putin’s Plan, just like there is no other political program inRussia either. They don’t exist, nor can they exist, because thecurrent Russian power resembles an embittered impotent – incapable ofcreating something real, it gives birth to delirious fantasies in theheads of its own citizens. Until Vanya Dvornikov started to shoot fromhis own sawed-off gun, and until Russian tanks entered Georgia -Putin’s Plan was harmless. Now it has begun to breed monstrousconsequences.

This article was authored by our occasional guest columnist, The Polittechnologist.