Russians Protest Missile Cancellation as “Cunning Trick”

Just how low can the trust get between two countries?  I just came across the image below from AP Photo by Dmitry Lovetsky which shows Russian protesters wearing Obama and Hillary masks, spraying flowers with poison – as they consider the decision “a cunning trick” against Russia.  Please explain how??  Either that is some sophisticated political analysis of how Obama may trick Russia into orchestrating its own undermining through bad decisions, or this is a sign of the kind of immense damage that ten years of virulent anti-American propaganda can do to a society. 

At least we can rest assured that pretty much no one likes the decision, as the administration gets ridiculed by the Republicans for caving in, Polish, Czech and other East Europe centrists feel betrayed and abandoned, while the ultra-nationalists bray over manipulation.  So few countries produce the same reactions from such diverse and often opposing ends of the political spectrum than Russia.