Sarcastic Apology Rap

Here’s a the latest music video from Noize MC, aka Ivan Alexeyev, the Russian rapper who was arrested earlier this month and jailed for 10 days for insulting the police during one of his performances. Once again, Alexeyev targets Russia’s police force and describes the country as a “a police state”.

From the Moscow Times:

The song, posted at, features a sarcastic “apology” — a brief, videoed rap that Alexeyev read from a piece of paper distributed by the Volgograd police’s press service while he was in prison.

In an interview with, Alexeyev explained that he wrote and performed the “apology” rap under pressure, when he was threatened with having his charges changed to “insulting a policeman,” an offense punishable by up to one year of “correctional labor,” but the sarcasm was lost on the police — as well as on some of the public, as he later discovered.

The “apology” rap in its entirety has been included in “10 Days” as the chorus. Alexeyev’s arrest brought a rare show of unity from other musicians, with hundreds signing a letter in his support.