Seeking Distance from the Khodorkovsky Case

Political advisory Gleb Pavlovsky has given an extensive interview resulting in two separate articles in the Financial Times, one of which includes commentary about how he believes President Dmitry Medvedev sees the second trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky (a horrendous travesty of law) and what he may do about it (probably nothing, in his opinion).

Most substantively, Mr Pavlovsky said that Medvedev disagrees with the second prosecution of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oil tycoon who was arrested for tax evasion in 2003.

Most observers say the cases are politically motivated revenge by Mr Putin’s entourage. Now Mr Khodorkovsky is on trial once again for roughly the same charges.

“This [the second Khodorkovsky prosecution] is an extremely dubiousprocedure,” said Mr Pavlovsky. “Politically, it is hideous, absurd.Medvedev received this by way of inheritance. I think those who standbehind this affair want to set him up, to make him more enmeshed, andhe understands this. But if he interferes, this also does notdemonstrate legal sense.”

However, the two men’s relationship is for the most part undented,at least so far. “I cannot believe there are any real schisms, becausethese would be impossible to hide,” said Mr Pavlovsky.