Semyon Mogilevich’s Ties to RosUkrEnergo

Seems that we have posted quite a lot of material lately about the arrest of mobster Semyon Mogilevich, who until this week was enjoying an open and thriving business life in Moscow, with connections to the shadowy Turkmen-Ukraine gas trader RosUkrEnergo – a Swiss-based shell company suspected of flamboyant corruption, with participation of Gazprom and even the Austrian Raifeissen Zentralank. The sudden removal of Mogilevich’s “protection” from the Kremlin is believed to form part of the same spy wars inside the Kremlin which put Sergei Storchak behind bars, Alexei Kudrin up against a wall, and sank the stock of Igor Sechin while raising that of Dmitri Medvedev’s group. Below is a graph mapping out Mogilevich’s connections to key RosUkrEnergo shareholders (hat tip to IntelligenceOnline via Intellibriefs). mogilevich_rosukrenergo.gif