Sloganeering: “There is such a party!”

slogans.jpgReuters compiles all of slogans from parties running in Sunday’s parliamentary (s)elections. My favorite is from the Communists, who wish to remind you of their existence (which is strange being that they are the #2 party). UNITED RUSSIA Leader: Boris Gryzlov, speaker of lower house of parliament Opinion poll rating: 60.1 percent Election slogan: “For Putin! For United Russia!” COMMUNIST PARTY Leader: Gennady Zyuganov Opinion poll rating: 7.4 percent Election slogan: “There is such a party!”

LDPRLeader: Vladimir ZhirinovskyOpinion poll rating: 7 percentElection slogan: “Don’t lie and don’t be afraid!”FAIR RUSSIALeader: Sergei Mironov, speaker of parliament’s upper house.Latest opinion poll rating: 5.5 percentElection slogan: “Trust for the sake of the future!”– Agrarian Party. The party’s slogan is “Peace and Bread for every household!” An offshoot of the Communist Party, the Agrarians want higher tariffs on food imports to protect Russian producers. Their latest poll rating is 2 percent.– Yabloko. Led by economist Grigory Yavlinsky, the party is an outspoken critic of what it says is the squashing of civil rights and democratic freedoms under Putin. An opinion poll this week put its support at 0.9 percent.– Union of Right-wing Forces. The party’s biggest backer is Anatoly Chubais, CEO of electricity utility RAO UES. It stands for liberal economic policies and civil rights. Putin has accused it of trying to resurrect the robber capitalism of the 1990s. Opinion polls predict it will win about 0.7 percent.