Statement of Thaksin Shinawatra

Statement of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, May 19, 2010 Today, the government ordered the use of force to disperse the peaceful demonstrators at Rajprasong intersection and accusing me as the one who rejected the negotiation. I would like to make the statement as follows: 1. I have never objected any negotiation efforts. On the other hand, I support and urge all parties to enter negotiations to find peaceful way to solve the political conflict and to bring about national reconciliation. 2. UDD and their supporters demand democracy and justice. They did not demand anything for me or on my behalf. I am not UDD leader. Any negotiation to end the demonstration or conflict must be made between the government and UDD leaders. I have no authority to negotiate on behalf of the UDD. 3. Government falsely accused the UDD and protesters of being terrorists and that I am the mastermind of the terrorists. I denied that accusation entirely. I never approve nor agree to any use of violence. I believe in peace. I love my country as much as any member of this government. I believe in peaceful and non-violent means to end conflict and reject any use of force. If there is any act of terrorism, it is the duty of this government to find the wrongdoer and prosecute them in the court of law. I demand the government to stop all defamation and false accusation. The government should be mindful that these protesters are Thai citizens. Please do not harm them. Please order the cease fire and begin the negotiation with the UDD leaders so there will be no more loss of life.