Statement: The Mask Comes Off the Thai Junta

Below is my statement circulated to media in response to the announcement that the government of Thailand had issued a warrant for the former Prime Minister.

LONDON, May 25, 8.00 AM (BST): Thailand’s Criminal Court a short time ago issued a warrant for the arrest of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on “terrorism” charges.

Today the mask is off the junta in Thailand. Lacking legitimacy and fearing being held to account for the brutal murder of their countrymen, the military-backed Abhisit regime has perverted justice through the laying of a charge that violates logic, law and any claim of hopes for reconciliation.

Those who killed the civilians, journalists and onlookers cannot evade judgment, whomever they falsely accuse and whatever evidence they fabricate. The Orwellian organs of the junta and their extra-legal behaviour will fool no one.