Surkov Worried about the Middle Class

Master propagandist Vladislav Surkov appears to be placing preemptive emphasis on Russia’s middle class in this tumultuous financial crisis – though this sector of society has never once reared its head in the Putin years, Surkov is known for his abilities to see around corners.  Just look how well sovereign democracy has been doing?  (he’s also rumored to be behind the term extension idea).  This one was caught by Reuters:

“If the 1980s were the times of the intellectuals and the 1990s were the times of the oligarchs then the 00s can be seen as the epoch of the middle classes,” Surkov said in a speech published on the Web site of the ruling United Russia party.

“The main task of the state during the slump must become the preservation of the middle class, the defence of the middle class from the waves of poverty and confusion that are coming from the West,” he said in the speech posted on the Web site. (…)

“The slowdown of the economy demands decisive steps from the stateto meet the middling sorts … to help the middle class survive nextyear without serious losses, to support levels of employment andconsumption,” Surkov said.

Surkov said the most important task was to convince the middle class that Russia was their state.

‘We need to look after them: Russia is their country,’ Surkov said.’Their leaders are Medvedev and Putin — they will not allow the middleclasses to be offended.’