Thailand’s Red Shirts Meet the ICC

Today in The Hague, I accompanied a group of representatives from Thailand’s Red Shirt pro-democracy movement as well as independent members of civil society such as the historian Dr. Thongchai Winichakul to attend a very fruitful meeting with officials from the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Given the public interest in this case, we thought it would be reasonable to share this letter authored by Dr. Winichakul which was presented to ICC officials some weeks ago.

Dr. Winichakul writes, “If impunity prevails again, how many more massacres before a single life is recognized as inviolable? How much more cruelty to civilians before every citizen can be equal in the land? How much more truth and justice to be sacrificed for justice to prevail and truth be told without fear?  The ICC can help end this culture of impunity.

We hope that at some point in the future to share further information. The full text of Dr. Winichakul’s letter can be read below.

Letter to ICC Prosecutor Draft