The Rule of Law in a Polarized America

I recommend this thoughtful Passover piece published by Bill Galston in the Wall Street Journal, which emphasizes the difference between the policies that parties may fight over and the underlying institutional structures which should remain sacred.  Some quotes:

Contemporary populists have legitimate complaints against the status quo, not least the incapacity of parliamentary governments to act decisively against mounting societal ills. The danger is that the understandable desire for bold measures will wind up undermining the structures that safeguard liberty. (…)

In these polarized times, the administration’s adversaries must distinguish between disputes over policy and disputes about the institutional political framework. The former may arouse intense passions, but threats to the latter are what should alarm the friends of ordered liberty.

If the U.S. emerges from these tumultuous times with its constitutional institutions strong and comes to the aid of these institutions wherever they may be threatened, it will be enough for us.