The 3,000th Post Milestone

3000.jpgDear Readers, The previous entry on Spanish-Russian energy relations represents the 3,000th English-language blog post we have put up on this site since our inception in September 2006. On February 11th, 2008, we published our 2,000th post, and on August 9, 2007, we hit 1,000, so it looks like things are speeding up. We also have 1,732 posts in German featured in our archives, as well as 460 in Polish, 406 in Spanish, and 275 in French. I am very proud we have reached this milestone and continue strong as ever (at least in terms of our own enthusiasm), and I express my deep gratitude to all our loyal and occasional readers who have made this sometimes thankless work a worthwhile, ongoing learning experience. I’d also like to thank the valuable time contributed to this modest project by my two editors, the intrepid journalism of our correspondent Grigory Pasko, and all the other important contributions made by our regular guest bloggers. I’ll also take advantage of this milestone to reiterate a very important fact that seems to be often overlooked or forgotten: the opinions expressed on this blog under my signature are mine and mine alone, and do not represent in any way the opinions of any former, current, or prospective clients, including Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Hopefully most of you already clearly understand this important difference – but it is imperative that no one is misrepresented. Looking forward, we’ve got a lot of dramatic changes planned, including a head-to-toe redesign on this site, which will make it easier to use and interact, as well as an expansion of coverage to a number of other countries of interest to continue exploring related themes. If you have any suggestions or comments for me, I welcome you to send me an email anytime (which is always the best way to reach me). Thanks again for your support and interest, Bob Amsterdam