The Abkhazia Drinking Game

Over on the Guardian website, there is an article from a member of the Georgian government, which recommends that Tbilisi and Abkhazia seek to improve relations by setting up free trade zones, better roads, and education cooperation in local languages.  Like any government-authored article, it is rather conventional and unexciting (remember the empty op/eds Putin used to write?).  The comments following the piece from anonymous contributors exemplify the unbearably strident and shrill circus that has come to define the online debate about Georgia.  Seriously, there are few other subjects out there that attract more angry, fringe elements … I can’t believe I am saying this, but yes, you can find a more reasonable discussion about even Russia.

That’s when I stumbled onto one comment which suggested a drinking game based on the kinds of absurdities you are likely to find on these seething comment boards.  I’m sure we could think of dozens of more rules.

I’m not sure what is objectionable about setting up free trade zones, assistance in Abkhazian language textbooks, and better roads. In fact, I think this is a pretty good thing. Neighboring countries, used as pawns in the Great Game, moving beyond that to forge bi-lateral ties.

As its not too early for drinking, I propose the following game of CiF Shots. Drinks are to be awarded for reference to the following, within comments:

1 Drink
Use of neo-con (additional drink if used correctly [never happen]), puppet (either Russian or US), “zone of influence”, Iraq or Afghanistan.

2 Drinks
moral equivalency arguments, any reference to WW2, anyone pointing out that Stalin was born in Georgia, ethnic cleansing, Katie Mehlua

3 drinks
Israel, Jews, polar bears, The 2000 US election, discussion of the Georgian etymology of the word wine, Commies, “bigot”, or oil spills.

Fill your glasses! This should be a fun one!