The Death of an Innocent Lawyer

Throughout the day new reports have been published on the death of Sergey Magnitskiy, the imprisoned Russian lawyer who had worked for William Browder and Hermitage Capital Management.  Some interesting quotes have come up so far, like this one:

“He was a key witness and his evidence was very important,” said Irina Dudukina, spokeswoman for the prosecutors’ investigative committee. “The tragic news about his death came as an absolute surprise. He had complained about the conditions of his detention but never about his health,” she said.

Well that’s just an outright lie.  Read the submission he made here, which details the repeated written and oral requests for treatment relating to his stomach illness, and the cruel and reprehensible refusal by the prison officials to provide basic care.

Then, there is also this devastating critique of the president’s failure to act on this corruption case:

“A lawyer president of the Russian Federation allowed an innocent lawyer to die,” said Firestone, referring to Medvedev, a former corporate lawyer.

“There is no law in Russia at the highest level. The higher you go the less there is law. Any lawyer who tells you he can protect you in Russia is a liar,” said Firestone.