The Hermitage Revolution Will Be Televised

William Browder of Hermitage Capital Management, the victim of a considerable state theft by the Russian government, is upping the ante in his fight to bring attention to the flagrant corruption and abuses of office currently taking place in the Kremlin.  He and his team have released a devastating 10-minute documentary film on YouTube (below) which outlines the risks of investing in Russia, and from what we’re hearing, they have been pretty successful in ruffling the feathers all the way up to the top of the government (Putin used to pretend that he had never heard of Browder … that no longer seems plausible).  Hopefully Browder can find that elusive tipping point for the siloviki and elites which makes injustice more politically onerous than justice.

From the Telegraph’s write-up of the YouTube campaign:

“The Russian media is afraid to say anything too explicit about police corruption as they fear they will be arrested by the people they write about,” he said. “The beautiful thing about the internet is that you can break through that logjam of fear and, at the same time, explain a complex story.”

Let’s forward this one around, tweet it, put it up on Facebook, and see how many views we can get generated.  Right now it has been seen 517 times … I wonder if it will hit 5,000 over the weekend.